When Babies Talk


You baby can talk! Their first word, its amazing! But wait, did they just say dada instead of mama?

Don’t worry, whichever name the baby starts with (or doesn’t) in no way indicates which parent the baby prefers. It does, on the other hand, give you an arsenal of jokes and puns to through at your significant other for the time being.

Most babies say their first words, according to Healthline, at 10 to 14 months old. So yes, your baby can be a year old and still not talk, so no need to panic! This moment can happen anytime and only takes a couple of seconds, but it can produce a lifetime’s worth of jokes and funny content.

Babies might say their first word to a random person on the street, the garbage collector, grocery store worker, or even a dog. The situations are as varied as ever, where it can be a name said, a sassy comment, or a common phrase said a lot in their presence.

Here are some examples gathered form the internet to give you a laugh:

- Tickle tickle

- Poop

- All gone

- Go away you

- No

- Quack Quack

- Noooooooooooo

- Nasty

Regardless of what the word is, it becomes a precious memory that you remember, and hopefully embarrass your child with in front of their kids or family members.

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